Alumni Change Lives featuring Samantha Carter


Samantha Carter is a graduate student in SES advised by Liz Griffith. Here, she shares how Friends of Orton Hall helped her further her studies.

Samantha Carter

I obtained FOH funds last summer to travel to Arlington, Texas, where I worked with Professor Arne Winguth at the University of Texas at Arlington. I worked with Dr. Winguth to expand a global carbon cycle model with a marine barium cycle. Barium is used as a geochemical proxy for reconstructing changes in primary production in our ocean, which is extremely relevant for our understanding of potential variations in the carbon cycle in the future ocean and its impact on climate. Dr. Winguth is a climate modeler and has worked extensively with the model I am using. The ability to travel to Arlington to work face-to-face with him was extremely helpful for my progress, as I was new to climate modeling and had not yet had experience with complex three-dimensional models. I was able to make a lot of progress on the model during my visit, and I presented my initial results at the International Conference on Paleoceanography in Sydney, Australia, held September 2-6 2019. Thank you FOH for supporting this opportunity!

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