BA Program in Earth Science


Preparation for the major:

  • Chemistry 1210, General Chemistry 1, 5 credit hours
  • Math 1151, Calculus 1, 5 credit hours
  • Biology 1113, Energy Transfer and Development, 4 credit hours
  • Biology 1114, Form, Function, Diversity, and Ecology, 4 credit hours
  • Earth Sciences, 1121 The Dynamic Earth,  4 credit hours
  • Earth Sciences, 1122 Earth through Time, 4 credit hours
  • Earth Sciences, 2245 Introductory Data Analysis for Earth and Environmental Sciences, 4 credit hours

Core requirements:

Complete a minimum of 30 semester credits in Earth Sciences and other approved fields. Out of the 30 credits, a student may take a maximum of 10 credits at the 2000-level in Earth Sciences and a maximum of 6 credits outside Earth Sciences. Courses outside Earth Sciences must be at the 3000-level and above and are subject to approval for inclusion in the major by an SES advisor.

Earth Sciences 5580 (Standards-Based Earth Sciences for Educators) cannot be used toward the BA in Earth Sciences.
No more than a combined total of 3 credits of internship (5191), research (2998, 2998H, 4998, 4998H, 4999, 4999H) and individual study (3193, 5193) can be counted toward the major and must be approved in advance.