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Undergraduate Programs

The whole Earth is a laboratory for students of Earth Science. Students apply the concepts of chemistry, physics, and biology to understand the planet we live on. The major includes course preparation in physical geology and historical geology, and then advanced undergraduate courses in subjects such as mineralogy and field geology. Students then choose among other subjects that include sedimentology, paleontology, and geophysics. Advanced courses allow students to specialize in areas such as environmental geology, water science, geophysics, and climate change.

Students interested in pursuing careers in water resources, oceanography, natural hazards, or the oil and gas industry should consider a Bachelor of Science degree in Earth Sciences. Our B.S. graduates are successful in obtaining employment in energy, environmental and other fields that utilize the skills learned in their major studies. Since 2012, about one-third of our graduates have gone to work at companies associated with energy production, including Schlumberger, Baker-Hughes, and Core Laboratories, and at environmental consulting companies, including Eagon and Associates, DHDC Engineering Consulting, EMSL Analytical, and Battelle Memorial Institute. Each year a few graduates seek and find employment with government agencies including Ohio EPA, Ohio Seismology, and county soil and water conservation districts. About one-third of our BS graduates go directly to graduate school with full support and stipend at universities that include Stanford, University of Texas, Penn State, and University of Southern California.

Students interested in pursuing careers in high school science education, law school, business school, or technical writing should consider a Bachelor of Arts degree in Earth Sciences. Our BA program prepares students for employment in science-related fields where they can apply their skills in K-12 classrooms, law, policy, and communication.  

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