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Geodetic reports.

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For reports before #450 inquire by e-mail: ckshum@osu.edu






Moritz, H. (1980): Advanced Physical Geodesy Reprint, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.
Softbound copy available: $40 (plus international shipping) [SOLD OUT]
Inquire by e-mail: ckshum@osu.edu.   e-book                         


Adjustment Computations by Kyle Snow and Burkhard Schaffrin (January 7, 2024) attached below

Geometric Reference Systems in Geodesy, by Christopher Jekeli (2016) [pdf]

Geometric Geodesy, Part I, by Richard H. Rapp (1991) [pdf]

Geometric Geodesy, Part II, by Richard H. Rapp (1993) [pdf]

[pdf] - Some links on this page are to Adobe .pdf files requiring the use of Adobe Reader. If you need these files in a more accessible format, please contact ckshum@osu.edu.