Applying to Our Program

Below is the standard procedure for applying to our graduate programs:

  1. Contact potential advisors by phone, email or in person to ask about student opportunities in their group. A list of faculty members and their research expertise can be found in our directory. Contacting an advisor is optional, but it is strongly recommended. The application will ask you to identify the faculty that you have been in contact with, and we will circle back to that person in the evaluation process.
  2. Apply for admission to the School of Earth Sciences using the online Graduate Admissions application. Applicants applying for fellowships and/or assistantships should check the appropriate boxes on the Graduate School application. The deadline to apply for Ohio State University Fellowships is December 1 for U.S. students (November 30 for International students). The official deadline to be considered for the School of Earth Science's funding (Teaching Assistant and/or Research Assistant) is December 1.
  3. Be aware that requests to those writing letters of support do not contain the application deadline. Please inform your letter writers of the deadline.
  4. We evaluate your application using a holistic rubric. Check out the evaluation categories carefully so you can understand how your application will be evaluated.
  5. You can check the status of your application by contacting Ms. Angie Rogers, (614) 292-8746, or by checking the Graduate Admissions website.

For information on application fee waivers, click here!