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Course Information

Students will receive 6 semester credit hours for completion of the course. Students will register for EARTHSC 5189.01 Field Geology 1 and EARTHSC 5189.02 Field Geology 2. Registration for both classes is required for OSU students.

Prerequisite courses

The prerequisites for EARTHSC 5189.01 and 5189.02 are undergraduate courses in Earth Materials (EARTHSC 4421 or equivalent), Petrology (EARTHSC 4423 or equivalent), and Structural Geology (EARTHSC 4530 or equivalent). The SES requires a C- or better grade in all geology courses required for the major leading up to the summer field courses.

In special cases where a student’s undergraduate training in geology has been at a school other than OSU, exceptions may be made concerning the prerequisite courses. For more information, visit our page on non-OSU students.

Course emphasis

  • Observation of stratigraphic units and their characteristics
  • Interpretation and synthesis of structures, paleoenvironments, and geologic history
  • Presentation of results using geologic maps and cross-sections
  • Experience with 3D visualization, GIS, GPS, and computer analysis of field data