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Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

The Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry (TIMS) Laboratory is maintained by Professor Elizabeth Griffith. The laboratory, which is supplied with HEPA filtered air, includes: a room that houses a thermal ionization mass spectrometer, and a separate state-of-the-art cleanroom for low-blank separation of elements for mass analysis. 


Thermo Fisher Scientific Triton Plus Multicollector Thermal Ionization Mass Spectromoter (TIMS)

High-precision isotopic analyses are conducted on a Thermo Fisher Scientific Triton Plus Multicollector Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer (TIMS), installed in 2018. This instrument is equipped for fully automatic operation with simultaneous multicollection of different isotopes using an array of nine Faraday collectors and an electron multiplier that are moveable for different elements.


TIMS lab laminar flow benches

The TIMS is housed in its own laboratory room equipped with laminar flow benches for loading samples and making filaments. An Eaton 9355 uninterruptible power supply serves as a backup power supply for the TIMS and monitors power, temperature and humidity. This instrument is being used only for well controlled samples. The mass spectrometer is fully supported with new ancillary apparatus (e.g., filament outgasser, sandblaster, welder) and techniques for analysis. The TIMS measures both radiogenic and non-radiogenic isotope ratios from solid and liquid matrices. Isotopic analyses using the TIMS include Sr-isotopic analysis, Nd-isotopic analysis (method currently under development), and Ca isotopic analysis (method currently under development), among others. Please contact us for updates on these and other isotopic systems. Current external reproducibility (2SD) is 0.000006 for 87Sr/86Sr since installation in February 2018.


TIMS clean room facility

A state-of-the-art clean room facility is equipped and set up with laboratory apparatus for low-blank processing of geologic samples for isotopic measurements. The Clean Room suite for sample chemical processing and separations is an ~1100 sq. ft. facility originally designed and constructed by Microzone Ltd., a Canadian firm who specialized in clean rooms. The suite is supplied by a dedicated air handling system which provides true Class-100 conditions to much of the space; the Balance and interior Ultra-Clean rooms with membrane ceilings have ULPA filters and provide conditions that meet or exceed Class-10. All new HEPA and ULPA filters were installed in May 2018 after HVAC work in spring 2017. This lab is fully equipped with custom hotplates (with no exposed metal), two Savillex DST acid purification systems and sub-boiling Teflon bottle stills, Millipore Direct-Q water purification system, and other requisite apparatus. Three interior rooms have 6 exhausting HEPA or ULPA filtered fume hoods and multiple laminar flow bench spaces. The entry room has an additional traditional exhausting fume hood. For the elements of routine study, the procedures, columns, etc. are fully operational for widely varying amounts of analyte and diverse matrices.

Internal Customer Pricing:

Fee DescriptionCurrent Fee Amount 
Method Development/testing - OSU rate only$15.00 
Sm, Nd, or Sr isotope measurement w/ operator - OSU rate$120.00 
Sm, Nd, or Sr isotope measurement w/o operator - OSU rate$90.00 
Ca isotope measurement w/ operator - OSU rate$300.00 
Ca isotope measurement w/o operator - OSU rate$270.00 
Sample preparation (Solution chemistry) Nd, Sm, Sr, or Ca - OSU rate$85.00 


For more information and to Request an Analysis, please contact Prof. Griffith, griffith.906@osu.edu, (614) 688-4273.

If you are looking to pay an invoice via credit card, please visit https://go.osu.edu/tims.