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Sobrero Presents and Educates in Bogota, Colombia

Franco Sobrero, is a PhD student from the Geodetic Science Program advised by Dr. Michael Bevis. 

Last December 2021, Franco traveled to Bogotá, and taught a class on gravity data processing and adjustment of gravity networks at Colombia’s National Geographic Institute, since they are part of one of our projects that involves the densification of Colombia’s gravity network.

Franco has been working on this project for over a year now with Dr. Bevis and with the collaboration of Dr. Demian Gomez.

While in Colombia for 3 days and he also presented on the gravity survey protocol that was designed by SES geodetic  research team, which also involves the quality assessment of the surveyed data and the adjustment of gravity networks at a regional scale. 

The training took place at Instituto Geografico Agustin Codazzi (IGAC) and several engineers, geophysicists and geologists from IGAC participated. 

Wonderful work Franco!

A man presenting in a class room