Leonid Polyak

Leonid Polyak

Leonid Polyak

Senior Research Scientist


(614) 292-2602

SC 265

Areas of Expertise

  • Paleoceanography
  • Marine Geology
  • Quaternary Geology


  • Ph.D. Leningrad Gornyi Institute 1985

Leonid Polyak's research focuses on the Arctic paleoceanography. Its importance is dictated by the dramatic ongoing changes in the Arctic climate and oceanic system and the necessity to provide a geological context for predictive climate modeling. Leonid participated in a number of large-scale research initiatives such as the SCICEX investigation of the Arctic Ocean floor and the Trans-Arctic expedition HOTRAX 2005, and is a curator of the BPRC sediment core repository. Results of his research are presented in more than 60 peer-review papers and numerous presentations at national and international conferences, as well as outreach talks. Leonid is one of the lead authors of the US Global Change Research Program report where he has authored "Past Climate Variability and Change in the Arctic and High Latitudes".