Christopher Jekeli

Christopher Jekeli

Christopher Jekeli

Emeritus Faculty

Areas of Expertise

  • Gravity Field
  • Reference Systems
  • Inertia Navigation
  • Mathematical Geodesy


  • Ph.D. The Ohio State University 1981

Chris Jekeli’s research focuses on physical geodesy with emphasis on the measurement and modeling (global and local) of Earth’s gravity field.  He evaluates measurement techniques, such as satellite-to-satellite tracking, satellite altimetry, INS/GPS airborne vector gravimetry, and airborne gravity and land gradiometry. He wrote a definitive textbook on inertial navigation and geodetic applications, has 65 journal publications, and has graduated nine PhD students in geodesy.  Chris Jekeli received his PhD from Ohio State University in Geodetic Science, currently teaches 5 graduate courses in geodesy at OSU, and is full professor in OSU’s School of Earth Sciences.  He has contributed to the following major projects: Defense Mapping Agency’s GGSS (Gravity Gradiometer Survey System); Air Force’s “Fifth Force” experiment, NASA’s GRACE mission (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment), DARPA’s Light-Pulse Atom-Interference-Based Precision Inertial Navigation System, and SERDP’s Munitions Management Program in the area of precision geolocation of sensors.  He maintains an extensive and active research agenda through funding from NGA, DARPA, NASA, Air Force, and SERDP.

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