Congratulations Summer 2020 Earth Sciences Graduates!

August 6, 2020

Congratulations Summer 2020 Earth Sciences Graduates!

Graduation picture for summer 2020


BS/BA and MS

New-Kremer, Danielle 2020 Gradute

Kremer, Danielle 
Earth Sciences, BA and Environmental Science minor

News- Grad 2020

Lucas, Eli 
Earth Sciences, BS

News- Grad 2020

Midraj, Nawal 
Earth Sciences, BS 

News- Grad 2020

Lary, Brent
Earth Sciences MS, Petroleum Geochemistry, Advisor: Dr. Darrah




PhD graduates

News- Grad 2020

Cia, Zhiyuan
Geodetic Science PhD, Geodesy, Advisor: Dr. Shum

News-Diaz graduation summer 2020

Diaz, Melisa
Earth Sciences PhD, Geochemistry, Advisor: Dr. Lyons

News- King,Michalea summer 2020

King, Michalea
Earth Sciences PhD, Climate, Advisor: Dr. Howat

New- Knights, Deon 2020 summer

Knights, Deon
Earth Sciences PhD, Seismology, Advisor: Dr. A. Sawyer

News- Price, James Summer 2020 grad

Price, James
Earth Sciences PhD, Coral Biogeochemistry, Advisor: Dr. Grottoli
*End of semester graduation Su2020

News- Grad 2020

Zhang, Chaoyang
Geodetic Science PhD, Temporal earth Gravity Field Recovery, Advisor: Dr. Shum
*End of semester graduation Su2020


PhD graduates

News Samantha Carter summer 2020 grad

Carter, Samantha 
Earth Sciences PhD, Geochemistry, Advisor: Dr. E. Griffith

Eymold Summer 2020 grad

Eymold, Billy
Earth Sciences PhD, Geophysics/Geochemistry, Advisor: Dr. Moortgat

New- Hwang,Bohyun 2020 summer grad

Hwang, Bohyun
Earth Sciences PhD, Geochemistry, Advisor: Dr. Cole

Casey smiling in front of a virtual background picture of Crested Butte, CO

Saup, Casey
Earth Sciences PhD, Geomicrobiology, Advisor: Dr. Wilkins

New-Xiong,Fengyang 2020 summer grad

Xiong, Fengyang
Earth Sciences PhD, Hydrology, Petroleum Engineering, Advisor: Dr. Moortgat

News- Grad 2020

Yang, Ting-Yi
Geodetic Science PhD, Satellite Altimetry, Sea Level Rise, Vertical Motion, GNSS-R, Tide Gauge, Advisor: Dr. Shum