COVID-19 Information for Earth Sciences Students/Staff/Faculty/Affiliates


Updated on 8/6/2020

This page is used for providing guidance on the current coronavirus situation for Earth Sciences students, staff, faculty, and other affiliates.

Current Ohio State University COVID-19 Links


Earth Sciences/ASC Resources Links


Key Department Contacts

Facilities related questions, contact Soyoung Carpenter, ( 614688-2884)

Lab related questions, contact John Olesik (, 614-292-6954)

Undergrad instruction, contact Ashley Griffith (

Grad student questions, contact Steven Lower (

General office questions, contact Soyoung Carpenter (, 614-688-2884)

Human resources questions, contact Soyoung Carpenter (, 614-688-2884)

Package delivery/pickup questions, contact Theresa Mooney (, 614-292-6628)

Travel questions, contact Theresa Mooney (, 614-292-6628)

IT related questions, contact Brent Curtiss (, 614-688-3758)

Graduation questions, contact Angie Rogers (, 614-292-8746)

Teaching/curriculum questions, contact Wendy Panero (


Building Access

Mendenhall Laboratory and Orton Hall will be closed to all non-essential personnel until further notice.



The university has stated that everyone who can is required to work remotely. This includes all undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, administrative and research staff, and faculty. Various resources for telework can be found at: