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Alumni Change Lives Featuring Fawz Naim

Fawz Naim is a doctoral student advised by Dr. Ann Cook. Here he describes how the Friends of Orton Hall furthered his academic career.

Thanks to Friends of Orton Hall Fund, I was able to present my Ph.D. research work at AGU Fall Meeting, 2021. I study borehole geophysical data to interpret gas hydrates that is an ice-like compound consisting of entrapped gas (mostly methane) and forms a major component of global carbon cycle. My talk at AGU is entitled “Estimating P-Wave Velocity and Bulk Density in Hydrate Systems using Machine Learning”. The aim of my work was to predict borehole geophysical properties in gas hydrate systems in offshore settings, since the acquired borehole data using different tools is often compromised in terms of the data quality in shallow sediments due to borehole issues. I also attended other sessions during the conference that were focused gas hydrates and gas seeps.

Fawz Naim