Travel Logistics and Cost


Accommodation:  Students stay at shared apartments in Ephraim, Utah.  Four field trips involve overnight camping.

Transportation:  The University provides vehicles for transportation in the field and for all course-related activities originating from our Ephraim base in Utah.  Transportation will be provided from Columbus to field camp for students who accompany the School of Earth Sciences vans to Utah and back.

Expenses: Expenses for field camp are subsidized by the School of Earth Sciences to make field camp affordable for all Ohio State students.

  • Transportation in Utah and, in some cases to Utah and back to Columbus, is provided.
  • The School of Earth Sciences makes scholarship awards to any Ohio State student with a strong academic record
  • The School of Earth Sciences makes financial need awards to those Ohio State students who require additional financial aid to participate.

Cost Estimates:  

Expenses are expected to be approximately as follows:

  1. *Tuition & Fees (6 Credit Hours)           $1,719
  2. Summer instructional fee:                     $70
  3. Living Expenses (for all 6 weeks)
  4. Apartment Deposit***                            $150

Lodging:                                               $230

**Catered Meals:                                  $450

Lunch & Weekend Meals:                   $150 – $250

Camping Meals:                                   $50 – $60


*Out-of-state Student- tuition and fees: click here

**Catered Meals consist of Breakfast M-Sa and Dinner M-F

***The apartment deposit will be refundable upon completion of the summer course provided no damage has occur


NOTE: All students MUST have health insurance – either Ohio State comprehensive student health, or documentation of coverage by another policy