The Student Experience


Experience ‘virtual’ Field Camp from student blogs during their time in Utah

Becky Anderson, Field Camp 2017: click here

“Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the experience. You get to go to some of the most beautiful areas in the country while at field camp. Take advantage of it and make the time you have in Utah memorable.”

Brandi Lenz and Taylor Hollis, Field Camp 2016: click here

“The best way to describe field camp was from previous field campers: “It is the best time that you never want to have again.” I wasn’t entirely sure I believed them when they told me that, but I can now say that is a pretty accurate way to describe this whole experience. However, I will miss the beautiful landscapes that we have been so lucky to map, camp, and study in.”

Mackenzie Scharenberg, Field Camp 2015: click here

“I have to pinch myself when I think about that fact that I will only be spending four more days in Ephraim. I am excited to continue to become a better geologist in these final days and savor the beauty of Utah.”