Dale Gnidovec

Dale Gnidovec

Dale Gnidovec

Museum Collection Manager


(614) 292-6896

OR 160A

Areas of Expertise

  • Vertebrate Fossil Taphonomy


  • M.Sc. Fort Hays State University 1978

As Curator of the Orton Geological Museum my main job is caring for over 50,000 rocks, minerals and fossils, making sure the specimens are cataloged, identified properly and safely stored for future research, teaching and display. I give guided tours of the exhibit hall to school classes, Scout groups, clubs and civic organizations, and speak at many schools and club meetings. I also identify rocks, minerals, fossils and bones, and write a column on geology that appears periodically in The Columbus Dispatch. Occasionally I teach the historical geology class - four and a half billion years of life and change on our planet. Each summer I spend a month in Montana digging dinosaurs with crews from the Cincinnati Museum Center at sites in the famous Morrison Formation (Late Jurassic) and Cloverly Formation (Early Cretaceous).