Yu-Ping Chin

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Yu-Ping Chin is a professor and heads the Division of Global and Environmental Change in the School of Earth Sciences. He received his B.A. in Geology from Columbia University and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. Prior to coming to Ohio State he was a postdoctoral associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Chin’s research focuses on the role of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in mediating reactions of environmental and biogeochemical significance in surface waters. These include photolytic and redox processes, sorption, and plant uptake. His research is supported by grants from NSF, U.S. EPA, NOAA, USDA, and the USGS. He has served on panels for NSF, NOAA, and the NRC. Dr. Chin is currently an associate editor for the Water Resources Research, Aquatic Sciences, and Journal of Contaminant Hydrology professional publications.

Areas of Expertise
  • Aqueous Geochemistry
  • Hydrogeology
  • Ph.D. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 1988

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