Welcome From the Director


Director of Earth Sciences, Matthew Saltzman

"Welcome! The School of Earth Sciences (SES) is a vital, diverse, and dynamic group of faculty, staff, and graduate students undergraduate students. SES embraces its three-fold mission of multidisciplinary research, educating the next generation of Earth scientists, and outreach and engagement to Ohio, our nation, and the world. SES is dedicated to create and disseminate scientific knowledge about the Earth with a focus on maintaining and strengthening the fundamental core of Earth Sciences and expanding into emerging areas. SES is committed to provide scientific literacy to Ohio’s citizens through coursework and outreach, to have a diverse undergraduate and graduate curriculum, to provide an atmosphere for growth and academic success for our students, to provide an atmosphere of professional growth for our staff, and to promote a culture to allow all faculty to be world leaders in their respective disciplines.

We are in a unique position to educate and train the next generation of Earth scientists, inform the next generation of University graduates about the planet on which we live, promote public awareness of the importance of science issues, and enhance economic development of Ohio and the world in a sound environmental manner."

All the best,
Matthew Saltzman
Director, OSU School of Earth Sciences